Feb 16, 2018

Ridiculously Minor Grammar Issue

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I received the following notification just now:

You sent you a telegram.

Frankly, I am deeply offended by the fact that you here believe that my national advisers cannot be bothered to use proper grammar. It's "you sent yourself a telegram." For shame.

OK, just kidding, but, is there a really easy way to fix this for the sake of grammatical purity here?



I did not find the right solution from the internet.




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4 days ago


Everything was perfect...except the writing example. What a piece of crap. I didn't have a writing sample from my UG program, so I wrote one for the applications. It was the most forced, well researched, piece of crap and it's such an important part of the applications. After I sent it, I noticed that I left a foot note labeled (cite source). WTH!?! I'm already counting myself out for those programs, but we shall see.

One application needed a shorter writing sample, so I broke down the longer piece of crap. I took a different approach to the research without having to rewrite everything. My new writing sample is AMAZING. I could quite easily make this second essay longer, and it is perfectly focused for the programs that I am applying to attend...but it's too late. The applications are in except for this last one. It's my second choice so it wouldn't be bad to get accepted to only that program.

I just try not to think about it too much.

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