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5 Idioms for your New Year's resolutions

In the last post of the year, we have put together 5 common idioms related to New Year’s resolutions. We hope you like them and start using them during 2018.

No pain, no gain: To achieve something that is necessary to work hard for

Example: “It takes a huge effort to learn a second language but no pain, no gain”

Turn over a new leaf: To make a change for good.

Example: “After all the bad experiences from last year, it’s time to turn over a new leaf”

Start from scratch: To start from nothing or zero.

Example: “You will have to work hard if you are going to start your own business from scratch”

When one door closes, another opens: the end of something is the beginning of something new.

Example: “I am not worried about quitting my job because when one door closes, another opens”

Winds of change: a feeling of anticipation referring to a major change that will happen soon.

Example: “After the student protests were shown online, you could feel the winds of change all over the country.”

It's also the title for this famous song

Happy New Year 2018!!!

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