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Pubs in Bristol: Your local pub

Pubs in Bristol: Your local pub

Among the wide variety of pubs that spread throughout Bristol, local pubs keep the tradition in its purest form. From their clientele to the drinks offered, local pubs have become a representation of the area where they stand. I have collected some examples in this second post about public houses, but feel free to suggest yours in the comment section below. I have left out those local pubs which have undergone a transformation in recent years (I will deal with those in a future post about trendy pubs) and stuck to those which keep their classic essence, and their smelly carpets.

Stag and hounds

The Bell

Located in the trendy are of Stokes Croft, The Bells stands out as a rarity among hipster cafes, independent shops and co-working spaces. Even though the atmosphere of the area has somehow spread to this traditional pub, specially during weekends and nights, you still can feel its essence during weekdays. Unfortunately, nothing lasts forever, so you’d better head there before its real charm be lost. And they also serves a pretty good roast!

The Bell

Hillgrove Porter Stores

Not far from The Bell, on the top of Nine Tree Hill and overlooking the city’s skyline watches the Hillgrove Porter Stores. One of several locals in the Kingsdown area, bordering with Cotham and Stokes Croft, this local benefits from its proximity to two residential areas and the University buildings, resulting on a variety of customers.

The place is famous for its quality beer, most of it locally produced, as well as its late-slot Sunday Roast for those who overslept after a night out.

Hillgrove Porter stores

Miner's Arms

St. Werburghs has become the environmentally friendly, hippy area of Bristol. It busts a church turned into climbing centre, lots of restaurants, eco-houses, allotments and a city farm. However, there is also space for a “local” such as the Miner’s Arms.A wide range of drinks and a classic pool table are among the many incentives the place has to offer. A great place to stop by after a delicious roast at the Farm.

Don’t forget to also check the cosy The Duke of York nearby, a bit trendier but a great place for a classic pub quiz or a bowling game.

Miner's Arms

Queen’s Head

Easton was once a no-go area for many bristolians but, as of late, it is an increasingly popular and multicultural neighbourhood due to cheapish house prices and the arrival of many immigrants. If you want to find some traditional British atmosphere, then head down to the Queen’s Head.This unpretentious place offers affordable food and drinks. It also hosts one of the longest running nights in Bristol, Duvet-vous.

Queen's head

The Chelsea Inn

This small pub with huge backyard is another legend in the Easton neighbourhood. Apart from a great selection of drinks, it offers live music most nights of the week and a very special Jazz session every Tuesday evening. A very unique gig, which we won’t spoil for you.

Chelsea Inn

The White Lion

Known as the smallest pub in Bristol. The White Lion is located in the city centre, really close to the Harbourside and St. Nicholas Market. Its clientele is mostly British and offers a wide range of drinks. Although it is really tiny, it also offers an small outdoor seating space in front of The Fountains.

The Crown

If you ever feel thirsty or hungry during a day shopping at St. Nicholas Market, The Crown is, perhaps, the most traditional you can find in the area. It offers a pool table, outdoor seating space (very limited) and lots of rock music.

It also the place where many people end up having their first drink when they come to the city and, perhaps, their making first contact with a “local” (i.e. native who regularly visits their local pub).

The Crown St Nicholas Market

The Stag & Hounds

Pub during the day and punk rock basement at nights, The Stag & Hounds is an established institution in the Old Market area. Apart from a wide range of beer and cider, the place is well known for the live music it hosts. If there’s any anarchy left in Bristol, you’ll probably find it there, but definitely not one for the faint-hearted.

Stag And Hounds

The Cadbury

Up the hill in Montpelier, The Cadbury is another Bristol institution. Although the atmosphere is way younger and alternative than in your average public house, it is still a great place to taste some local beers and ciders and enjoy a sunny afternoon in its huge garden, after feeling worn out from the climb up there. It also hosts regular pub quizzes, live music and a yummy Sunday roast.

Cadbury House

There many other local pubs in Bristol and wherever you live, it’s almost certain that you will find one at least. We strongly recommend finding your local public house and grasping a true British tradition.

And don’t forget to tell us about it in our comment section below!

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